Thanks alot Sketchers footwear!

Whenever we go to a department store lately, my youngest daughter always seems to seek out the same thing…character themed sneakers! I have repeatedly informed this child that I have absolutely no intentions on  buying charater sneakers. But for some strange reason, she is keeping hope alive.

Here in “the boot” (Louisiana), the kids are still on holiday. Each time that she gets TV time, a Sketchers commerical seems to come on. The shoes that they advertise on this particular commercial aren’t “charater”, but pretty darn close with all of the colors that are on them. Now she’s asking for those because they aren’t “character shoes”. Umm, I don’t want to purchase rainbow-ish ones either…so thanks alot Sketchers.

Growing up, the last thing a kid wanted was sneakers with a character. We were more concerned about the brand…how well it went with our outfit, things like that. So tell me, am I being unreasonable? Would it be as big of a fashion “don’t” for Twinkle as I’m imagining? What do you think?

2 Responses to Thanks alot Sketchers footwear!

  1. Stacey says:

    Since you asked for feedback, here it is. Give the kid the sneakers. She is growing in a different time. She wants to fit in. Why deny her what the other kids have, as long as you can afford it? Is it violent? Is it offensive? Will they hurt her feet? Will she be happy?

  2. L. J. says:

    Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. And I agree, we are living in very different times. And yes, she could be asking for worse. We’ve purchased a variety of Skethcher footwear before, and it worked out well.

    This post was more funny to me then anything…I was amused at how bright my daughter is.

    I am ok, with my kids “fitting in” to a certain degree. I am raising them to be leaders, and they know “what other kids have”, has little impact on me. Does that mean that they don’t have somethings that other kids have? Absolutely not, I remember what it’s like to be a kid.

    I am sure we will find a happy medium as we always do. And trust me, she is not crying or losing sleep over them…we’re planning our next cooking projects together.

    Thanks again!

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